Be Your Own Soul Mate!

I am in the middle of writing a proposal to some colleagues in the women’s health and wellbeing space around partnering up with me on a project.

I was feeling into my proposal and what came through were these words :

“Be My Business Soul Mate”

That had me feel so juicy and excited. The proposal became exactly that, a proposal founded in love! 

“Be My Valentine”, “Be My Girlfriend”, “Be My Wife” rang in my ears…..

I help mid-life women to call in their person – their ‘one’. The secret sauce to that endeavour is supporting her in how to call in herself. To be her own person, her own one, her own soul mate. 

Why? Because we are vibrational beings and what we desire must vibrate with who we are being in the world – with what we believe, feel and how we embody that. 

You must become your own soul mate in order to call in your soul mate. It’s not about perfection – it’s about making the non-negotiable decision to be on that path. 

It’s about choosing you instead of waiting to be chosen! 

Then preparing to call in the person you want to share your life with becomes a juicy and exciting concept! Not something on your ‘to do’ list – another chore or hassle or drain on your energy! 

This concept extends to every aspect of your life. 

You can choose to call in soul mate business partners, soul mate clients, soul mate friends, a soul mate car / house / holiday / investment strategy. 

Imagine if you made choices and set intentions based on whether something was going to light up your soul or not!

My clients are soul mates – I believe a woman comes to work with me because our souls know our coaching / mentoring relationship is the route to soul growth for us both in different ways. 

We must overcome our humanness (like limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, lack of self honouring etc ) to allow ourselves to connect with soul mate people, things, experiences. To have a life that genuinely feels joyful, easy and fulfilling. 

So today, my invitation is to open yourself up to your own soul and allow yourself to receive soul mate matches in a variety of forms. And trust me, if you are calling in soul mate love and choose to fully open up to that you will be amazed at how other aspects of your life up-level too – from career, to finances to health and friendships.

Let’s chat about this more on today’s Cuppa With Katie and see what else comes through for me to share on this topic! Once I get chatting, it’s fun to see where the conversation takes us!

Katie xx

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