Happy Self-Love Day!

Happy International Self-Love Day!

A message I am rather passionate about sharing is the idea that we are no good to anyone else unless we look after ourselves first. It’s important to fill yourself up first so that those you love get the best, most patient, kind and loving version of you.

It makes sense, right!

So, it makes sense that International Self-Love day should be set the day before Valentine’s Day! Love it.

I have filmed a little video for you today, encouraging you to take time out for you. I would love you to be your own best friend and spend some quality time with yourself.


If you are a mum and in the UK, then I know you are juggling school holidays so this video is particularly pertinent for you – it just might get you through the next week with a little more style and grace!

Sending you loads of love,

Katie xx


Inspiring you to love yourself every week

At the beginning of the year I made a decision to start dating. I joined an on-line site (gulp!) to demonstrate to the Universe that I mean business!

I have been on a blind date set up by friends and last night went on another. I am out there, participating and taking action toward my desire for a loving relationship.

Watch this space!

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Do you dare to love yourself?

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