How to deal with people who aren’t on the same healing journey as you.

Ever wonder how to deal with your closest family and friends who don’t seem to be reacting well to your healing and transformation? They don’t seem to like who you are becoming?

Do you find that you are suddenly less tolerant of people because they don’t seem to be as aware as you now are?  I know that sounds super judgy and full of ego but you can’t help how you feel.

Maybe you’ve done a lot of work around People Pleasing / Co-Dependency and suddenly everyone around you seems to be modeling those traits and it’s hard to watch/be around?

I get asked regularly how to deal with this. As my clients heal and move forward with their life, this is a big piece that comes up.

I’ve never shared my response publicly before because I know the analogy I use that helps me so much can be triggering but today I am going to share it and trust it lands with the loving intention I have.

See you on today’s Cuppa With Katie!?

Katie xx

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