Try this when you feel lonely

I know the feeling of being lonely even when in the company of people and I know how draining that can be.

I was supporting a client with exactly this recently – she couldn’t understand why she felt so lonely and alone. When she was with lots of people it seemed worse. Ironically, she enjoys her own company and craves it, so there was a disconnect. The feelings didn’t make sense. 

She wanted to get to the bottom of this. She wanted to know the root cause and heal it.

But I had another idea for her.

Sometimes we aren’t being invited to fix something. We are being invited to fully love, accept and honour our experience as a root to freedom and peace. 

On today’s Cuppa With Katie I will share more on this and a practice you might like to try when faced with uncomfortable feelings you don’t want to have anymore.

Big Love,

Katie xx

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