How to feel aligned in your friendships

A client asked me this question:

“I’m not feeling aligned with all of my  friendships but I don’t know what to do about it. I have a lot of confusing and contradicting feelings around this too. I feel guilty when I don’t want to spend time with someone  and I feel annoyed when they don’t contact me. I also feel cross with myself when I spend time with someone that doesn’t make me feel good and I don’t know how to handle things differently.”

Do you ever experience confusion around your friendships?

Are you finding the current pandemic experience is having you question your friendships?

In today’s live Q&A I addressed this question.  My answer can support you if you are willing to commit to the process I invite you to try!

The process I share is also really powerful to do when a friendship ends.


I trust this will support you.

Much love,




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