Lacking Inspiration? Pleasure is the answer….

If you feel like you are lacking inspiration – if this time of cocooning has become less about a chance to nurture yourself and is starting to feel oppressive – then today’s Morning Ritual may just be the food your soul needs to carry you through the week ahead.

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It may be that you are lacking stimulation in your life at the moment – hence the lack of inspiration – and so perhaps you are being invited to find that stimulation within.

I believe that pleasure is the key to experiencing stimulation. By cultivating pleasure in our day-to-day life, we are connected to our feminine energy and it is there that we are tapped into our flow of inspiration.

I invited you to answer 4 journalling questions this week. I will share them here for ease and I invite you to watch this 30 minute episode for the teaching and invitation behind each question :

1. What brings you pleasure? Write a list of at least 50 things. Perhaps push the boat out and go to 100 and beyond!

2. Where in your life do you resist giving yourself and allowing yourself to receive pleasure?

3. How do you deprive yourself of pleasure? What is the sabotaging behaviour?

4. How can I create pleasure in my day today and throughout this week?

I explain why I am asking you these questions in the video. There is great depth behind each one that is offering you deep healing and growth.

I would love for you to share in the comment below at least one thing you commit to doing for yourself this week that will bring you pleasure. Inspire me!

Sending you loads of love,

Katie xx


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