How To Feel An Abundant Flow Of Love

During my meditation this morning a voice came through inviting me to FULLY RECEIVE all that I contribute to the world. It’s hard to put into words – the voice I heard was a feeling and it had my eyes streaming with tears because my heart felt so full of love.

This voice – this feeling – was inviting me to really notice all that I offer in multiple areas of life – from the children to our pets to my husband to my clients to my community to my friends, neighbours and beyond. 

I was invited to FEEL what I offer and to FEEL how my offering is positively impacting others. Honestly, my heart burst. In receiving this awareness I was able to feel the ABUNDANT FLOW OF LOVE from me and to me.

All too often I get caught in the outpouring of my energy into the world. Sure, I have my practices and rituals that enable me to continue to give in a way that feels good however it is very rare that I stop and receive what I am giving. Through full acknowledgment of what I give and feeling the positive impact that contributes to the world, I GET TO RECEIVE IT TOO. Does that make sense?

I felt that you might relate to this message today. I know that you give a LOT to the world don’t you?  How often do you acknowledge that fully so that you can receive it too?

It’s the most beautiful thing to feel the abundant flow of love from you and to you. The circle of it. The infinity of it. The never ending cycle of it. You are energy and energy is abundant and limitless. But! You will feel that your energy is limited and scarce if you don’t acknowledge what you are giving. Acknowledgment opens you up to receiving. Does this make sense to you?

This felt like a powerful message worth sharing today. I trust it will land with you perfectly.

You are doing great during this time. You are doing your best and it is enough. I invite you to fully receive that. 

I salute you. Love you.

Katie xx

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