How to surrender in a relationship

On today’s ‘Cuppa With Katie’ Show I am answering this question from Sonia :

“How do I surrender in my relationship?”

Sonia is a high-achieving 50-something-year-old woman who has learned to lead in life. This has served her beautifully in many ways – especially her career – however, when it comes to feeling feminine with her man and able to fully receive his love and support, she feels a little challenged. 

It is my pleasure to share some top tips on how you can learn to receive and surrender in a relationship. It’s never too late and I see my clients doing this powerfully every single day.

We will explore:

  1. Healing sabotaging belief systems around surrender;
  2. Creating awareness around your childhood conditioning and how surrender was (or was not) modelled to you;
  3. Noticing your predominance to be in your masculine energy
  4. Practicing – set intentions, ask for help and supportive reminders

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