I Need Proof Please! (Step 3 Of 7 Part Series)

Welcome to the third step to self-love in my 7-part summer series!

How did you get on with saying thank-you and practicing the art of receiving last week?

I have something fab for you to do this week too, and it requires a little investigation!

Step 3: Gather Evidence

In the spirit of shifting your focus onto what you have rather than what you don’t have, this week I would like you to gather evidence around how loveable you are.

Here’s what I know FOR SURE:

You are love. You are loveable. You are loving.

As you begin to get into the habit of making self-love your new normal, then I would like you to get conscious to everything that you already love about yourself.

In the coming weeks you will build on this list.

Image 10th July Newsletter

Get that journal out!

I would like you to write a list of 100 (yes! 100!) things that you love about yourself.

If you need help, ask trusted friends and family to tell you what is loveable about you. It could just be the start of some rather beautiful conversations.

While you do this work allow yourself to be vulnerable and open-hearted. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the process of gathering evidence to how goddamn awesome you are!!

This is a crucial step toward loving yourself!


Big love,
Katie xx

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