Lacking Self Worth?

A theme that has been apparent on my coaching calls this week has been self worth.

No matter what you desire to call in to your life, it’s possible that lack of self worth could be at play if you feel blocked to receiving it. Whether that’s money, feeling more joyful, a new career, a soul mate or even weight loss.

In my own experience and what I witness in most of my clients is that self worth is usually rooted in childhood. The degree to which you feel worthy is usually the degree to which you were told or experienced being worthy when you were little. Inner child work is a powerful process to help you to heal and increase your sense of self worth (something I specialise in).

Today my invitation is super simple. It’s perhaps the step before embarking on inner child work.

If you are not feeling worthy, I invite you to fully acknowledge those feelings. I invite you to notice where shame, embarrassment or judgement comes up as you do that too. Just allow yourself to fully feel and notice where and how you don’t feel worthy.

Perhaps write a list.

If you are calling in a guy, you could write, I don’t feel worthy of him because ….. and fill in the blanks. Write as many things as come to you. Once you start, you might be amazed at how much more comes through that you didn’t realise was lurking there, behind the shame belief, ‘I am not worthy’.

It’s important to fully acknowledge what you are really thinking and feeling. When you do that you are not ignoring a part of you. This is crucial to having a deep, intimate, self loving relationship with yourself.

I hope that you will love yourself enough to do this little exercise. It’s simple yet packs a powerful punch!!

Hope it helps (and there’s some extra tips in the video!!).

Love, Katie

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