Take Your Power Back


Today I am inviting you to take your power back if you are feeling in any way powerless.


What can powerless look like? Let me count the ways….


Lacking direction

Allowing others to impact how you feel

Feeling taken advantage of or walked over or disregarded

Caring what others think

Feeling trapped by other peoples rules

Feeling controlled

Believing self sabotaging thoughts

Feeling you have no control of your life

Feeling frustrated by not having all the answers

Feeling frustrated by how slow or fast time is passing

Out of control emotions

An inner critic that’s driving you nuts

Saying ‘I can’t afford it’

Not listening to your Spirit and denying your desires


Not forgiving yourself or others

Making yourself ‘busy’

Choosing to believe you are not enough or not worthy of your desires


I could go on.


In every moment, you have the ability to take your power back by aligning with your spiritual truth, connecting with your heart, tapping in to Source energy, breathing and choosing to be in the present moment. From that state of presence and alignment you can make decisions that feel good for you, speak your truth with love, claim your desires and feel certain and safe deep inside your bones.


It’s takes practice to love yourself and as your self love grows stronger and stronger, your ability to take your power back will also get stronger and stronger.


You are meant to feel powerful and in charge and by that what I mean is that you are meant to be love and give love – because that is true power.


I created three videos last week that share really practical, real life examples of what taking your power back can look like from minding your own business, setting strong boundaries and re-wiring any childhood conditioning that’s sabotaging your adult life. They are over on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/KatiePhillipsisDaringAndMighty


This week I will be sharing content every day that I hope will inspire you to take your power back.


Here’s to you feeling powerful.


Katie xx

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