{Love Note} How to feel good



Note to self…(because sometimes we all need a reminder!)


So many women I come into contact with want to know how to feel good.


You may or may not want to hear the answer because it’s so shockingly simple that it just might irritate the hell out of you…..!


Feeling good is simply a choice.


You get to choose it every single morning when you wake up.


The second you open your eyes you can choose to recognize that overnight you have had the opportunity to re-set. Today is a new day – a fresh start.


The moment you awake, you can consciously engage your feel good muscles and decide to turn them on. It’s simply an intention.


The way you choose to start your day will impact the momentum of the rest of your day.


I’m gonna level with you.


Making this conscious choice may sound easy but as we all know, changing patterns of behavior requires effort.


Creating a new habit of feeling good (because let’s be honest, not feeling good is an unconscious habit) will require some action on your part.


Take it from me, building feel good muscles takes determination and dedication.  I was a victim for over 30 years! I was conditioned to feeling like life was hard. I was programmed to worry. I have been training myself to feel good for a decade and I am still practicing it. I am still building those muscles. I even have a coach that supports me with it.


So, what do I do when I wake in the morning?


When I know I am awake but my eyes aren’t yet open, I take a couple of seconds to think the following two things before opening my eyes:


1. Today I choose to feel good.


2. Right now I choose to focus on all that I am grateful for. Then I spend a few moments connecting with what I have in my life to appreciate.


This morning I rolled over and put my head on my boyfriend’s warm chest and breathed him in. I allowed myself to feel deep gratitude for him. As I lay there,


I listed various things that I have in my life that make me happy. I felt invigorated and keen to get up. I had a spring in my step because I had begun a momentum of feeling good.


As my morning progresses I tune in with my emotions and ask myself how I am feeling and I feel into what I need. Then I love myself enough to give myself what I need to feel good. I don’t always succeed. Sometimes I get down on myself or beat myself up or give myself a hard time.


Sometimes loving myself is such a challenge.


I persist. Every day is a fresh start. Every day I do my best. Every day I have compassion for myself. Most importantly, every day I choose to feel good because I know I am designed to and I am meant to and it actually comes naturally to us when we can love ourselves through our human conditioning.


I hope today’s message supports you.


Love Lots,
Your Self-Love Coach, Katie xx


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