{Love Note} Your ultimate power is your spirit!


Note to self…(because sometimes we all need a reminder!)


How do you define power?


What is the source of your power?


When do you feel powerful?


Who do you know in your world that you would describe as powerful and why?


Powerful questions, don’t you think?


I think ‘power’ is a very important topic.


I believe our ultimate power comes from a rock solid relationship with our true selves.


When we deeply know and love ourselves, no matter what curve balls life throws your way, you can stand firm because you love, trust and respect yourself. No matter what, you have your back and you are the safest person for you to be around.


When you are deeply connected to the truth that you are a spiritual being and powerful creator, you can have faith that you are part of a loving Universe that also has your back. You do not have to do life alone and no matter what bumps you experience on the road of life you can relax in the knowledge that life has been designed to support you and the bump is merely an assignment that will enable you to go deeper into knowing, loving and trusting yourself and having even more faith in the love of the Universe.


For me, that is true power.


Not money. Not fame. Not control. Not religion. It’s nothing external. I believe that your power is pure love and it radiates from your Spirit.


This is the journey of The Self-Love Affair – returning to your true self, your ultimate, most authentic and loving power source.


I wish you a powerful day!

Love Lots,
Your Self-Love Coach, Katie xx


PS. The ‘True Self’ meditation on my first album of Guided Visualizations is gorgeous. It’s a great way to connect in with your Spirit in just 15 minutes. Allow yourself to simply be guided by my words and enjoy being connected to your most loving power. You can grab it on Amazon by clicking here.


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