{Love Note} Free meditation enclosed

I love to get high

Note to self…


A really fabulous self-love tool is meditation. It’s awesome for :


* creating a state of peace and calm

* connecting you to your authentic self

* general health and wellbeing


I love using guided visualisations for specific intentions – whether that be to put me in a state of gratitude or to connect me to my inner child or to open up my desires and blue sky visions or to help me be fully present and in the moment (to name just a handful).


Guided visualisations make meditation easy for me too.


I press play on a trusted meditation and literally allow the words to guide my practice. Simple!


I love to start my day feeling good so I created a guided visualisation called ‘High Vibe’ (a track on my ‘Living Courageously’ meditation album) and today I would like to share it with you.


This meditation will lift your mood with powerful positive affirmations and uplifting music.


Words of affirmation strengthen your mind and support your desires becoming your reality. You get what you think about so training your mind with positive affirmations is key. Choosing positive thoughts will raise your vibe too!


I invite you to listen to this recording as often as possible and allow these words to be a beautiful reminder of all that you already are!


Oh, and the other cool thing about this meditation is you can listen to it on the move – so, while you are brushing your teeth or driving or making a cuppa! No need to sit and be still although you can if you desire.


Enjoy, with my love!


Love Lots,

Katie xx


PS. This meditation link will remain live and available to you for two weeks. If you like what you hear, the track is available for pre-order on my website – CLICK HERE FOR LINK


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