{Love Note}: This! Or something EVEN better!!



Note to self…(because sometimes we all need a reminder!)


As you know, I LOVE an affirmation.


Don’t get me wrong, using an affirmation without doing the deeper inner work is like putting a plaster over a gaping wound. It ‘aint gonna do the trick.


When you have done the deeper inner work or are in the process of doing that work, affirmations are an incredible way to re-wire your brain with beliefs that will serve you.


When I was calling in the love of my life, this affirmation – “This, or something even better” – supported me not to get attached to him, even though I fancied the pants off him! It allowed me to enjoy getting to know him before getting attached. I was able to trust that if I wasn’t the gal for him, then someone better was obviously meant for me.


It’s a great affirmation to use no matter what you are manifesting. It reminds you to trust that the Universe desires that you have the very best and that your only job is to believe that you are worth it so that it may come in. (You gotta be a vibrational match to that which you desire)


You can wave goodbye to a scarcity mindset when you employ this affirmation!


You can drop the worry that something may not last.


You are meant to receive your desires in a way and in a form that is just perfect for you.


I invite you to believe that today and do whatever you know you need to do to clear out any belief that tells you otherwise.


Love Lots,

Your Self-Love Coach, Katie xx


PS. The ‘High Vibe’ meditation on my third album of Guided Visualizations is gorgeous. It’s full of awesome affirmations to support you. You can grab it on Amazon by clicking HERE.

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