Masculine V Feminine Energy

Every Friday I am hosting a Self Love Wisdom session live on Facebook & Instagram. The current focus of these sessions is an exploration on how to lead better.

If you desire to be a better leader – whether that be at home or work – you must make your own personal leadership a high value.

I am a big believer that we must learn how to utilise both our masculine and feminine energies – from that place we are showing up and operating in the world energetically aligned. People FEEL your energy. They will feel whether your words are aligned with your truth – in other words if you actually walk your talk!

I find that most women are adept at doing life from their masculine and so they feel tired, on a tread-mill and like something ‘isn’t quite right’. These Friday sessions are short teachings on the feminine and how you can bring that energy into your day-to-day. Gradually you will start to feel better and then you will find that your leadership style will become both unique to you and a joyful experience. You will start to feel ‘more yourself’ and others will gravitate toward you because your energy will be inspiring and magnetic.

To kick-start these weekly conversations and activations of The Feminine I would like to share what I mean when I say Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy.

Let’s do this…

Love you. Have a great weekend.

Katie x

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