You are a miracle

Women who come to me looking for personal support often are in a state of overwhelm and are feeling disconnected to their empowered self.

These are high achieving women doing incredible things in the world. They consciously choose to get personally supported because they desire to increase their impact while honouring their wellbeing, relationships and values. A woman that reaches out for support for this reason is clearly a conscious and empowered leader.

But, she forgets!

We do, don’t we. I know I sometimes do.

We can get so caught up in our mission and what we desire to achieve that the goal seems so far off and far fetched. We can forget our greatness and all that we have achieved to get to this point in life.

We also forget our spiritual nature. We lose sight of our inherent divinity. We suffer what I refer to as ‘transformational amnesia’ where we forget all our healing and growth and all the evidence we have accrued that life is supporting us – always – because we are connected. We are source energy.

You’d think that something as mind exploding 🤯 as that first time you realise ‘I am source energy’ could never be forgotten. But we do.

You are a miracle!

When I first meet a woman who desires to hire me as her coach (AKA – the secret weapon in her back pocket 😉) – I don’t see her ‘faults’ or her wounds or her current blocks and struggles. I see her as pure source energy. I see her as pure love. She is a light in the world. My role is to help her to remember that she is a miracle and that ANYTHING is possible for her.

What an honour that it – to serve women in that way. And the win:win is that every time I remind her, I am reminding myself.

We are miracles.

We are being invited every single day to remember our miraculous nature and today, if you needed the reminder, this is it. This love note is for you.


Never forget it. Deal!? Love you,
Katie xx


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