{LOVE NOTE} How To Ease Your Mind

Are you feeling exhausted by the noisy, critical, fearful voice in your head? It’s relentless isn’t it.

Today I have GOOD NEWS for you and I think we all need this reminder from time to time.

Your mind has been designed to keep you safe. You are hard wired to always be on the look-out for danger. There is nothing wrong with you. This is how humans have been built. 

The cavewoman in you has one eye open at all times, just in case a sabre-toothed tiger is preparing to pounce on her babies.

Your mind’s role is to spot danger and predict all possibilities that could threaten your life and it has the insanely clever ability to process thousands of potential threats in a nano-second. Even more clever, it does this without effort. You don’t even know it’s happening. Your mind is so clever it has you prepared to run, fight or freeze at a moments notice. It’s like a computer operating system, always running in the background, assessing risk, ready to command you to leap at any moment.

If you were living in a war zone or found yourself stranded in the jungles of the Amazon – this superpower has the potential to keep you alive. If you are reading this, the likelihood is that you live in a first world country and you enjoy the luxury of living comfortably and safely.

As a dweller of the first world, you are lucky enough to be able to focus your mind on thriving – not surviving. Except that we don’t. That isn’t our human nature. We are simply not wired that way. And yet we all are desperate to feel happy!

It’s important you know this because when you judge yourself for always being so harsh on yourself and when you get impatient and cross with the crazy making that’s going on in your head, you need to know that your beautiful mind is only doing what it has been designed to do with the desire to have you be ok. It’s doing it’s best. It just hasn’t caught up with the fact that it’s 2018…there ‘aint no saber-toothed  tiger in your back garden!

Thankfully, there is another part of you – your Spiritual Self – that is able to lovingly witness your mind when it’s doing back-flips. That part of you has the ability to remind you that you are self harming when you believe the fearful, overwhelming, anxiety inducing thoughts. It can lovingly remind you that you are safe, that life is designed to support you and that when you choose self-loving thoughts you will feel good.

Your Spiritual Self is designed to help you thrive. We must engage that part of ourselves to ensure a happy, joyful, peaceful life. If we are not connected with our spiritual truth and nature, we exist in the painful and oh so limited world of the mind. Our Spirit desires that we soar! That we be more and enjoy more every single day. When we learn to do life guided by that part of us, we are aligned with the Universe and suddenly magic and miracles become our new normal. We thrive. We glow. We know that life is supporting us. We are THAT connected.

When we allow our mind to be in charge – when we have not learned to lead from the heart and be guided by our Spirit – we feel trapped, exhausted and sick. The irony is that our mind is trying to keep us alive but when we allow ourselves to listen to the fearful voices which make us feel terrible, our body is feeling the affects and progressively getting more and more unwell. Low immunity, low sex drive, tiredness, aches and pains, illness and chronic disease result.

The irony is that our mind is killing those of us that live in the very blessed first world.

Today I invite you to choose loving thoughts. Here’s some ideas to get you started :

I am safe.
I love my powerful mind that is always trying to keep me safe.
I choose to be guided by my wise and loving Spiritual self. 
I am enough.
Everything always works out for me.
Life is designed to support me.
I choose to love myself enough to think thoughts that love me back!

I filmed a Facebook Live for you on this topic over in The Self Love Hub. You can watch it HERE.

Remember, self-love is a process and a journey. Mental mastery and emotional fitness are your birthright and with commitment to healing and transforming your limiting beliefs and behaviours the gifts of peace, fulfilment and abundance are yours for life.

The School of Self Love is committed to your healing and transformation. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and we love to witness you soar. We are here to guide you and journey alongside you on that adventure home to yourself.

To find out more about how we do that, you may have a look at our website and if you want to get more personal questions answered you can book a call with me. Just click HERE to get that call scheduled.  

With SO much love,
Katie xx
Founder of The School of Self Love  

PS. If you are interested to explore how The School of Self Love can support your journey home to you, click HERE. Let’s speak!  

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