{LOVE NOTE} A Mood & Mind Enhancing Breakfast

How you choose to intentionally start your day is going to support you in having the best day possible. It’s also a beautiful demonstration of self-love.

A great way to kick start a positive, energised, feel-good day is with a healthful breakfast.

Several clients have asked me for my morning smoothie recipe so I filmed a short video for you – me in my kitchen, making one of my typical morning smoothies.



Today I am inviting you to love yourself enough to take responsibility for your physical health.

A key rule of thumb to follow if you want to improve your health and wellbeing is to INCREASE your nutrients (life hack: have a handful of greens with every meal) and DECREASE your stimulants (less sugar, caffeine and booze).

My morning smoothie does just that and more.

It means that no matter my schedule, I have ensured I’ve received a great injection of nutrients that guarantee me high energy and a good mood.

Here’s what I include in my morning smoothie and importantly, why I choose these ingredients.


Fruit – whatever I have available that’s gonna taste great! Today I used:

1 small banana – source of potassium and great way to bulk up the smoothie
1 small pear – vitamin C
A few cubes of melon – vitamin C
(when you don’t have any fresh fruit, frozen blueberries – great antioxidants! – and strawberries are handy to have in the freezer)

Veg – as many ‘greens’ as you can squeeze in! Today I used:

1 handful of spinach – great source of folate
(I keep a stock of frozen spinach and kale in the freezer and usually throw a handful of both in my smoothies)
A few cubes of cucumber – lots of water in this too so helps to liquidise your smoothie – great if you are out of milk!
Fresh ginger – it’s a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It also makes the smoothie taste great (raw spinach and kale isn’t that nice!)

Liquid – to blend ingredients together. Today I used:

Organic Soy Milk  – rich in phytoestrogens which helps my perimenopause symptoms! (Choose whatever milk you like – i.e. cows, almond, oat, coconut etc)
Sometime I add water if smoothie is still too thick after blending.

High quality fats and superfoods. Today I used:

2 glugs of flax oil (Omega 3)
(I usually add a couple of glugs of hemp oil too – great Omega 3 & 6 blend)
2 heaped t-spoons of chia seeds (Omega 3)
2 heaped t-spoons of flaxseed (Omega 3)
1 heaped t-spoon of green super-blend powder (high in protein)
(Often I add some mixed nuts and seeds for additional good quality fats)


As much as my morning smoothie is loaded with nutrition to support my health and wellbeing, I am very focussed on ensuring it supports my brain which in turn affects my mood.

My smoothie is designed to help me FEEL GOOD by giving my brain what it needs.

The main composition of the brain is FAT and WATER plus some amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Ensuring we drink plenty of water and have good quality fat in our diet is key to good mental health.

So, in addition to drinking plenty of water, I ensure my morning smoothie is loaded with good quality Omega 3 fats. (I get my most of Omega 6 fats separately, largely from oily fish).

I also ensure I have Folate in my smoothie.  Just half a cup of spinach a day increases the neurotransmitters we need to make serotonin (which makes us feel great – it’s the happy endorphin!)

With a little pre-planning and preparation, it only takes a few minutes each day to put together a yummy smoothie. You could also make it the night before so you can grab it and go in the morning!

I hope today’s video inspires and motivates you to up-level your morning breakfast routine. I reckon it’s a total self-love game changer!

Please do share your own smoothie recipes with me over in the Self Love Hub! I would love to be inspired by what you enjoy making!

With SO much love,
Katie xx
Founder of The School of Self Love

PS. If you are interested to explore how The School of Self Love can support your journey home to you, click HERE. Let’s speak!

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