{Love Note} I Am Connected

I am connected

Note to self…


I believe that Self-Love requires me to be deeply connected to my true self – that part of me that witnesses my thoughts and feelings.


When I am consciously aware, I know that I am not my experiences or my emotions or my beliefs.


I am me. A beautiful Spirit.


When I am consciously connected to myself in that beautiful way I am able to connect authentically beyond myself.


So, my relationships are deeper and more loving. I am able to receive guidance from my Spirit Guides and Angels. I enjoy feeling connected to the earth and my environment, knowing we are all one.


When I feel connected like this, I know I am not alone.


I created a lovely meditation to help you get reconnected and today I would love to share it with you.


It’s only 18 minutes long and it’s super simple because my voice will guide you through a visualization process so there’s nothing for you to do except relax and be taken on a beautiful journey back to what’s real.




If you are ever feeling disconnected to yourself or to something larger, this meditation will ground you to the truth that in any moment you can choose to feel connected to all parts of yourself, the Universe, the earth, your Spirit team and your loved ones.


This meditation reminds you that you are not alone.


Love Lots,

Katie xx


PS. If you enjoy this meditation, you can purchase it HERE.


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