{LOVE NOTE} I’m Getting Married Tomorrow!

Today I would like to celebrate with you!

Just 6 days ago, I was engaged to James on a tiny deserted island off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia. It was incredibly romantic and an enormous surprise!

I am on holiday with our children and soul family and they all witnessed the proposal. It’s hard to explain how meaningful that felt for us all. (You can watch the videos over in ‘The Self Love Hub’!)

We decided to get married while in Indonesia – the idea felt fun so we ran with it. We had 6 days to plan it!

My friends instantly jumped into action! Within 48 hours venues were booked, catering was sorted, hairdresser, make-up and spa afternoon was arranged….you name it, it was organised. While they were very excitedly making plans, I was chilling at the beach, surfing with the kids, doing yoga and having massages! As I type this, all the arrangements are still a complete surprise and I am in awe at how relaxed I am!

My only ‘job’ was to find a dress and meet with a celebrant. It has all just fallen into place. The first shop and the first dress I tried was perfect. Well, not exactly perfect but the stars aligned and the actual designer(!!) agreed to alter my dress overnight to make it perfect. The only celebrant available just happened to turn out to be perfect – she totally gets us and our vision.

James’ only ‘job’ was to find us wedding rings and … boom! … the most perfect rings with so much meaning practically fell into his lap.

Honestly….I am blown away with how miraculously everything has worked out!

Despite experiencing two earthquakes and many aftershocks – all pretty disconcerting – I have felt utterly supported, held and loved by the Universe. The deepening of my friendships has been so beautiful. To feel so loved and to be able to receive so much help and support has been a miracle for me.

The wedding is tomorrow and I am so excited to share pictures and video with you when I can.

For now, I am reflecting on the journey I have been on that has brought me to this place. This doesn’t just ‘happen’. This experience has been a creation. It has required deep and profound personal transformational work to clear out anything that could have stood in the way of me experiencing such an abundance of joy, love and connection. It has required me to learn how to lean in to the support of the Universe. To trust and have faith that no matter what, I am always held. To give myself permission to receive at the highest level. I am very proud that I can stand as inspiration for those of you that desire to call in abundance on all levels because this IS available for you too. I promise.

I can’t wait to share more with you soon! I am so excited for my wedding tomorrow….I have never been married before. It’s time. And it feels SO right! Wooohoooo!

With much love and transformation,
Katie xx
Founder of The School of Self Love  

PS. If you are interested to explore how The School of Self Love can support your journey home to you, click HERE. Let’s speak!

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