{LOVE NOTE} Re-Writing Your Love Stories

Today I would like to invite you to re-write your love stories.

When I talk about your love stories I mean your beliefs and behaviours in every single area of your life that are (or are not) aligned with love. Those pieces not aligned with love will be aligned more to the frequency of fear – the source of your unfulfillment, disconnection and pain.

I know that you on this page and reading this post because you desire to be aligned with love.

Self-Love is the place to start.

So, whether you want to transform your relationship with money or you want to call in your soul mate or you want to discover your purpose and lead a more fulfilling and adventurous life, the root to all of that is self-love.

Recently I have been reflecting on my love story around finding my soul mate – having just been married in Bali (see pics below). My journey toward the incredibly healthy, trusting and intimate relationship I now share with James has been quite the adventure! My conditioned alignment to fear around men, love and relationships caused me to attract experiences that brought me year upon year of pain, heartbreak, drama and unfulfillment. My commitment to self-love and choosing love over fear every day for the past 9 years has allowed me to re-write my love story and experience the deep joy, peace and connection I now have with my husband. (Husband!)

Self-love transformed my relationship with money too. Only 7 years ago I was on housing benefits and worried terribly about how I was going to put petrol in my car and food on the table for my son and I. I re-wrote my love story around moneyso that my relationship with it became one of trust, safety and reliability. I continue to re-write that story and every day I choose to move from fear to love with the result being an ever growing experience of abundance.

Self-love transformed my relationship with myself. I used to suffer so much worry and anxiety. I didn’t feel on purpose in the world and didn’t know it was possible for me to experience deep fulfilment in my career. I was a pro at smiling and keeping up appearances – pretending to be fine when truthfully I felt utterly disconnected to myself and the world around me. I re-wrote my love story around self-worth, self-confidence and self-acceptance. I am committed every single day to choosing love over fear – to living open heartedly with self-compassion and self-appreciation. That sense of inner peace is priceless.

My wedding just 6 days ago has sparked much conversation, thinking and feeling around what is possible for every single one of us. Marrying James in the most idyllic settling, surrounded by dear friends and family and experiencing SO MUCH LOVE has felt like a miracle. To wake up the morning after my wedding and look at the man laying next to me and feel SO excited about our life together felt like a miracle too. Who knew it was possible to feel so much love, respect and sexual attraction for your husband!?

‘A Course In Miracles’ describes a miracle as every moment we choose love over fear.

How do we do that?

We commit to a journey of transformation.

We decide that today is the day to re-write the love stories that are causing us heartbreak – to open our hearts to a new way of doing life.

We choose to believe that anything is possible for us and that we deserve to have an incredibly joyful experience of life.

My commitment to self-love and my journey of transformation began about 10 years ago. I re-commit to that journey every single day. As a result, my life feels miraculous.

I am unapologetic about sharing this with you because I know my purpose in life is to inspire you to what’s possible for you. I have a very deep knowing that my soul chose this human experience so that I might stand as living proof that change and transformation is available to you. I am meant to share my stories of woe and I am meant to share my stories of joy. Life has given me an abundance of both and as a fellow human on this journey with you, I am compelled to open my heart and bare all in order to motivate you to begin your transformational journey and to stick with it.

You are MEANT to evolve. Your soul is calling you every single day to transform love into fear.

I know you know that. You feel it in your gut, don’t you!?

Today I invite you to either commit for the first time or to re-commit to you.

I invite you to re-write any of your love stories that are filled with heartbreak, pain and suffering. You are meant for more. You are meant to experience joy, love and abundance to a degree that has you feel in awe every single day – it just gets better and better.

More is available for you.

You’ve just gotta choose it.

The School of Self Love is here to guide you home to you and support you on your own epic, transformational journey. You don’t have to do it alone.

With much love and transformation,
Katie xx

Founder of The School of Self Love

PS. If you are interested to explore how The School of Self Love can support your journey home to you, click HERE. Let’s speak!

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