{LOVE NOTE} It’s time to be more you!

How often do you totally stop and gift yourself with time to re-assess your life?

Sounds like a nice idea, right? And I bet there’s a calling deep in your soul asking you to press pause and give yourself permission to catch up with you, reset and consider what you really want.

Today I would like to invite you to listen to life’s calling. You are being invited to an epic party, hosted by the Universe, where the theme is ‘be more you’!

I’ve received the same invitation.

I’ve been running my business for nearly 8 years. It hasn’t been the same business model for all 8 years – far from it. It’s evolved year on year.

There’s been high points (publishing my book and running my first retreats are notable highs) and low points (a recent £10K marketing investment that totally nose-dived springs to mind!).

What has never, ever waivered is my ‘reason why’ for what I do. The deep, innate, almost compulsive desire to support women to BE MORE and guide them through that healing journey home to themselves.

Witnessing a woman rise is what totally lights me up. Whether that be watching her facial expression shift when I am delivering a talk to a group because she ‘got it’; or standing by her side and cheering her on with tears in my eyes as she relentlessly bashes a foam block with a baseball bat – releasing years of pain, anger and disempowerment; or making that huge decision to finally invest in herself by hiring me as her personal coach – the immense self worth created in that instant is beautiful to behold.

We are all evolving beings by nature. Every single minute of every day we have the opportunity to evolve. If we are unconscious to that truth, we succumb to a life of soul destroying numbness. And I don’t use the term ‘soul destroying’ lightly. As soulful beings, the nature of our Spiritual Self is to expand and grow. If we don’t it is literally soul destroying. I know you know that feeling. I know I do too – been there and got the t-shirt!

You may have gathered (if you’ve been watching my YouTube Channel or weekly Facebook Lives over in The Self Love Hub) that I am going through a process of re-assessment around the structure of my business(es).

The ‘why’ hasn’t changed but the ‘how’ is shifting.

If I am evolving and growing every day, then my work must do that too. I am the life blood, soul and inspirational energy behind every element of my business. I fuel it. And, it fuels me. There is a gorgeous flow of energy between my business and I – I feed it, it feeds me, so I can feed it and so on. While that flow is healthy and aligned, the beneficial ripple effect out to the world is of super high service.

I believe it’s important to re-assess our lives, businesses, impact on the planet, relationships, values etc etc regularly.

We must ensure that how we are showing up in the world is in integrity and alignment with the truth of who we are. As we evolve, some course correction and re-alignment is required. The more in-tune we are with ourselves, the more this is a continual process of minor tweaks here and there. That said, sometimes we receive an epic invitation from life and we are called to make some massive adjustments!

That’s kinda where I’m at.

I’ve received life’s invitation to be even more me …. and I am showing up to the party.

This party is a bit of a roller coaster ride. I’m not gonna lie! I have committed to surrendering to the process  (you can’t jump off a roller coaster in motion but you can choose to ride it with your hands in the air or gripping onto the handle-bar!) and I am being taken through some epic highs where I feel so utterly connected to myself, source energy and the endless possibilities life desires to gift me…..and there are the lows when I feel so alone, so scared, so angry and so completely lost.

Another word for evolution is transformation.

Going to your next level requires you to transform anything that is holding you back from your next level. That is also my definition of self-love.

Choosing to evolve means that you are making yourself available to be shown what isn’t working and doing the work to heal that stuff.

The Universe is so generous. When we ask, we receive.

I’ve asked to be supported in my personal and professional evolution. The Universe has responded by showing me what needs healing.

The transformational process can be painful. Most people don’t do the work because it can hurt. It also requires a lot of persistence and determination.

Self love fuels transformation.

You gotta love yourself enough to commit to you. To put you first. To create the time and space to do the work. To allow the healing. To receive the reward of transformation.

You gotta step up and be a Spiritual Warrior.

No-one but you can do this and the world needs you to do this.

No pressure!

The good news is that you don’t need to do it alone. Actually, it would be crazy to try!

I have a personal coach, I am part of a mastermind group focussed on women’s empowerment and I have a couple of friends on the same path as me who totally get it. I also have my boyfriend who is incredibly patient with my ups and downs because he knows that ‘this shit works’!

You have GOT to surround yourself with people who understand the transformational process. I mean it – you must not do this work alone. Success requires support. Period.

Support can ensure you are safe as you go through the process. It can also speed up the process. Two more reasons why hiring a coach is crucial to your personal evolution.

You are in my community because, like me, you have made a conscious choice to wake up to your Spiritual nature and you are committed to evolving, growing and being more. After-all, life is always inviting more life, right!

So, today I am inviting you to take time out to re-assess your life and ask yourself questions like :

“Where am I ready to transform?”, 

“What am I willing to heal to be more authentically me?”, 

“What in my life is causing me pain, dissatisfaction or resentment?”, 

“What do I want?”,

“What’s working / What’s not working?”,

“What do I need to believe about myself to receive my desires?”, 

“What do I need to let go of in order to move forward?”

You get the idea.

Get out your journal and start writing because lady, you are meant for more.

Love you,

Katie xx
Founder of The School of Self Love

PS. Are you ready to hire a coach? If you are ready to fast track your life to the next level, let’s speak!

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