{LOVE NOTE} Quit Self Harming

I joined a new yoga studio last week and am exploring hot yoga – loving it and so good to be back  on my mat! 

In one of the classes I took, the teacher was gently speaking with us about practicing ‘Ahimsa’ which is a Sanskrit word meaning to not cause harm or violence to yourself, to others, and animals in thoughts or action.

Sometimes we are really ready to hear something (and I am wondering if you are really ready to hear this today!?). Something she said hit me right in the heart and moved me deeply….

“Self judgement is violence toward your Spirit.”

Take a moment. Ponder those words. Feel those words.

Self judgement is violence toward your Spirit.

My daily practice and the work I do with women is rooted in self-love and the journey is to come home to yourself, again and again, all day, every day, with compassion and kindness. 

In every moment of every day, the intention is to feel connected to your true Spiritual self – your essence. A relationship with your authentic self is the safest, most trusting, most intimate relationship we can know and I believe it’s the way to feeling free, purposeful and happy.

That journey home to yourself is a choice – every minute of every day. When you notice you are looking externally for validation, joy or love, you choose to come home. 

As with the teachings from ‘A Course In Miracles’, you choose love over fear and every time you do that you are performing a miracle. 

It’s the human condition to self-judge, self-criticise, self-blame and generally be bloody mean to ourselves.

I believe those mean thoughts are self harming. It is a truly violent act to speak to ourselves the way that we do.

When my yoga teacher said that self judgement was a violence to my Spirit I deeply felt it. Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we harm the very thing that makes us so precious, unique and loveable? 

Practicing ahimsa is the root of the spiritual practice of yoga and today I invite you to love yourself enough to be kinder to yourself by choosing more gentle, loving, compassionate thoughts.

I invite you to quit the self judgement today. Deal!?

Love you lots,

Katie xx

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