{LOVE NOTE} Joy! Joy! Joy!

I have been so emotional this week and the predominant feeling has been JOY!

I have felt really really happy and as you read on, I think you will agree that I have earned this time to celebrate. I invite you to celebrate with me!

This week I’ve laughed while tears simultaneously cascaded down my cheeks because I felt so much pleasure from simply being on this adventure of life.

I’ve danced around the kitchen like a loon! Laughing, crying, cooking – feeling high as a kite!

Even when I had a moment of really missing my Mumma (catch that video >> here <<), the tears that seemed to waterfall down my face were joyful. There was peace and acceptance within the experience of missing her.

I’ve experienced a deep and profound sense that everything is ok. It always is and always will be.

I am sat in my favourite cafe as I write to you and it’s all I can do not to sit and blub because I feel so at peace.

This feeling of freedom, connection and joy has arrived on the back of several weeks of ‘transformation’ which had me feel a myriad of uncomfortable emotions including (and totally not limited to!)  fear, anger, loneliness, worry, self doubt, jealousy and sadness.

When we set powerful intentions to alter or improve something about ourselves or our life, the Universe responds by giving us opportunities that bring those pieces to a head for healing. For several weeks I have experienced wave upon wave of opportunity. Some waves were fairly easy to slide over. Others crashed on my head, pummelled me to the ground and spun me ‘washing machine style’ round and round before spitting me out broken and exhausted.

I have been on the transformation roller coaster many times. This time was a little different though because I very consciously and intentionally decided how I would ride it and with the support of a coach and my man, I chose to engage my feminine energy and surrender to it. I didn’t resist it. I didn’t try to control it. I didn’t compare my journey to someone else’s. I largely stopped working – except for a handful of private clients who bring me joy. I surrendered to the degree that I haven’t been ‘doing’ much at all.

For several weeks I’ve predominantly been taking it very easy which looked like sun-bathing naked in the garden, cooking, walking regularly in the woods, padding bare foot in the river, enjoying a new yoga studio……you get the idea. Not a lot!

Every day I have asked myself what I need and I have done that. I haven’t forced myself to do anything at all – only what felt good for me.

It hasn’t been a holiday though. I’ve been very intentional around my deep surrender into learning to ‘be’.  In this state I have allowed the waves of emotion. I haven’t been able to ‘busy’ myself to avoid feeling. I’ve noticed my various shadows and bravely done ‘the work’ to heal….piece by piece, day by day.

My commitment to the process has been profound.

And so today I write to you with celebration on my heart because I am so blown away by how we are rewarded when we commit to ‘the journey’!

When we are in the thick of it, feeling the pain and wondering if it will ever end, it’s so easy to forget that joy IS on the other side.

So if you happen to be right in the middle of your own transformational process, please allow my message today to give you hope! Keep surrendering, keep doing ‘the work’ (I can support you with that), keep the faith – on the other side is joy and a profound sense of pride and self-love because YOU DID IT!

Be brave.

No matter what, please don’t side-step the opportunities life is giving you to heal your wounds, transform your limiting beliefs and sabotaging behavioural habits.

You deserve to come home to you and feel deep peace, freedom and joy.

The depth to which you must go on that healing journey WILL be matched by a tidal wave of joy! Please lean on my faith today and allow me to stand as proof to you that transformational work, works!

I am an expert at leading women home to themselves. I don’t do my personal work alone – I hire a coach. Self love is self responsibility – don’t do it alone. >>I can support you and it starts by booking in a complimentary conversation with me to explore your options. <<

With much love and joy,
Katie xx
Founder of The School of Self Love


As a result of several weeks of surrender, I have received incredible inspiration to take just 10 women on retreat to Sri-Lanka. The MOST divine eco-lodge with Ayurvedic spa, set on a private island surrounded by mangroves (paddle-board yoga, here we come!) has LITERALLY fallen in my lap.

So….keep the last week of November free for some winter sunshine, powerful transformation and sisterhood!!

>>Email me<< if you want to be the first to receive information before I let my entire community know about this – it will be first come first served!

Here’s some pics to whet your appetite!!!

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