{LOVE NOTE} Self-Compassion – do you need a little today!? ❤


Note to self…(because sometimes we all need a reminder!)


Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Big time!


I stopped to think why and here’s what I came up with:


I’m juggling work and school holidays so feel a little stretched.

I’m hormonal!

I haven’t been to yoga for 4 days.

I didn’t meditate yesterday.

I’m feeling some nerves around choosing the right school for my son.

I am detoxing and missing my caffeine boost!

I have a constant to-do list in my head which feels tiring.


Just stopping and checking in with myself has made me feel SO much better!


My mood shifted in an instant.






There is a reason I am a little off and that awareness enables me to allow my feelings because they make sense!


By writing that quick list I can see how I need to take care of myself (yoga and meditation – STAT!) and I can love that part of me that thinks she is super woman and has to do everything alone. Now I can reach out for support where needed.


Do you see how I was able to move from the victim state of a bad mood because I wasn’t connected to myself into an empowered state because I chose to connect within and then make the decision to give myself what I need?


Self compassion is empowering. It’s liberating. It’s your ticket to freedom.


How could you be more self compassionate today?


Love Lots,
Your Self-Love Coach, Katie xx


P.S. The ‘I Am Connected’ meditation on my album of Guided Visualizations is gorgeous. You can grab it on Amazon by clicking HERE


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