{LOVE NOTE & VIDEO} How A Daily Dedication Can Change Your Life

Commit to a daily dedication

Note to self…


I am a BIG BIG believer in the importance of a daily spiritual practice.


By that I mean you are a Spiritual Being and it’s important to be connected to that authentic, true, loving, timeless part of you.


To have a sense that you know yourself and feel complete REQUIRES you to develop a relationship with yourself.


Consider your husband or boyfriend. Would you have a relationship with him if you only spoke with him or hung out with him every now and then or perhaps even not at all??


A relationship requires committed attention. You talk to them, spend time with them, love them, do things for them etc etc.


So many women feel that they don’t know who they are and when I ask what their daily practice is they say, “I don’t have time for that”.


If you don’t have time for a relationship with yourself, then you are simply not able to enjoy the peace, happiness, contentment and freedom that you are searching for. All of that is available from within you, if only you would commit to loving yourself enough to having a daily practice.


Dedicating time to YOU every single day is KEY to self-love.


I have created a video on this subject for you today – check it out below! I am sharing some ideas with you on what your Spiritual Practice might be and how to incorporate that into your daily life. Just click the image below to view the video.


Katie xx



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