{Love Note & Video Series} My Top 5 Spiritual Practices – #3. Loving Mantras




Today is the third of five videos where I am sharing my Top 5 Spiritual Practices with you over 5 weeks.

The last two video’s can be seen here:

Meditation for daily peace :  click HERE.

Creating a loving environment :  click HERE.

Today I am sharing with you how to love your mind through setting powerful intentions, using gratitude and creating powerful affirmations and mantras.

I do hope you will join me!

Love Lots,
Your Self-Love Coach, Katie xx

PS. Just click the image above to watch today’s video.

PS. Please accept my apologies for the fact that this video cuts off my head somewhat! Oh, the irony….!!!



Note to self…(because sometimes we all need a reminder!)


Today’s video invites you to choose a loving thought that can support you through your day.


I would so love to hear what your loving thought is by email, send it to katie@daringandmighty.com


I would love to hear from you.


Katie xx



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