Mindset blocks that dampen your dreams

I am just coming to the end of speaking with 21 women who wanted to explore joining my Daring & Mighty Love Mastermind.

I’ve had such wonderful conversations and so enjoyed getting to know these women. I especially love the insight into their hearts and souls – hearing their desires and how they want their lives to expand. It’s a real honour to be invited into someone’s world in this way.

These women want to be ready and able to receive their next level life and the love of their life. And, I’ve noticed some themes that come up to block them receiving the support to make that happen.  So, I thought I would share that with you today.

When considering investing in coaching support I have come up against these mindset blocks, fears and resistances too :

  1. I can’t afford it 
  2. I don’t understand why I need it

Let’s explore these beliefs on today’s Cuppa With Katie.

And, if you would like to know more about my ‘Daring & Mighty Love’ Mastermind – comment below and we will send you the link. We are about to open a waitlist….

Big love,

Katie xx

👉 You are invited!

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