Next Level Love Interview with Julia Felton

I recently hosted an interview series called ‘Next Level Love’ where I spoke to a variety of women who wanted me to share their love story and how they found love in ‘part two’ of their life.

If you love to binge watch great TV, the entire ‘Next Level Love’ Interview series is available to watch on my YouTube Channel now!

For now, let’s start with Julia’s love story!

Julia shared so many juicy nuggets of information on what she did to call in soul mate love.

I invite you to watch the full interview however here’s some key points she shared that I just know you’ll want to note down in your journal!



Julia had been single for 20 years and was very happy doing life alone however she was gradually becoming more and more ready to share her life with someone else. On reflection, she realised that ignoring the desire to be in partnership meant she was putting many other life goals, desires and dreams on hold too.

Julia was committed to doing the inner work and participated in different personal development courses.



Create space for him! For Julia that meant re-arranging her bedroom furniture and creating some drawer space for him.

Get to know yourself by doing the inner work. For Julia that meant healing parental relationships, connecting with her wounded inner child, acknowledging and expressing painful emotions and releasing anger that was years old.

Connect with your desires and affirm your future. For Julia that meant writing and using affirmations on a daily basis, creating a vision board and writing a ‘man menu’. She also acknowledged to herself that it would be really nice to have companionship and someone to do DIY!

Let go of ‘the how’. For Julia that meant being completely non-attached to outcome. She was enjoying her life and wasn’t heavily attached to having a man. She was just living her life while acknowledging her desire to be in partnership.



Julia’s desire was to meet someone that she already knew, had some history and commonality with and could share stories with because that felt easy for her.

After 20 years single, Julia bumped into her now boyfriend in the street and he was a colleague of hers from 30 years earlier! It was the perfect Hollywood ‘meet cute’. They met just before the pandemic and immediately went into a ‘bubble’ together and began a brand new relationship.



The personal development work that Julia did in the years leading up to meeting her partner has meant that :

  • Her partnership is accelerating her life goals in being realised.
  • She has the capacity for empathy and compassion for her man.
  • She understands people and human dynamics better now.
  • She can speak her truth and not take ‘his stuff’ personally.
  • When she met him, he felt like a ‘comfy pair of slippers’! It has always felt easy, effortless and in flow!

I was utterly inspired by Julia and I trust you will be too!


Katie xx


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