Next Level Love Interview with Maya Sommer

I have some more inspiration for you and today’s love story is a proper tearjerker. It would make the most brilliant Hollywood film!

It was such a joy to interview Maya and hear how she called in soul mate love at the age of 41.

I made some notes for you from Maya’s story too because these are nuggets, I don’t want you to miss.



After a lot of heart break and another failed relationship at 39, Maya decided enough was enough, it was time to quit her patterns and call in something different and she knew the route to that was a deep dive healing journey.

Maya made a firm decision to heal her heart and liberate herself and while she felt ‘ready’ it required her courage to embark on and invest in the vulnerable work she knew she was being called to do.

Her inner work, in a nutshell, looked like:




Learning to trust. Maya’s heart was closed. She was an independent, strong woman who travelled the world but unable to fully open to a man.

Activating the feminine energy. Maya was operating heavily in her masculine energy which was having a detrimental impact on her relationships with men because she didn’t know how to receive. Opening up to her feminine was an absolute game changer in all areas of her life.

Making the space. Decluttering and cleaning her home, making it ready for the arrival of her man.

Emotional expression.  A lot of crying to clean her heart!

Healing the inner child. A powerful route to true self love.

Mindset. Choosing beliefs that communicated self-worth, self-love and trust in men.

Gratitude & vision. Maya wrote a vision in the form of a letter of gratitude in which she thanked him for his loveable qualities.

Feeling good became her new focus!




Maya and her man met on Tinder! They were already Facebook friends and recognised each-other instantly. He is a very public figure (health expert, writer and chef) and someone Maya already had great respect for.

Their dating process felt natural, easy, effortless, safe and like coming home.

It was the passing on of Maya’s cat and the way that her man showed up for her and supported her through that very emotional experience at the vet clinic that showed Maya this was a man she could really trust. She felt his fullest support and melted into trusting him.

They decided that the day Maya’s cat went to heaven was their anniversary date and they have just celebrated 3 years together.




The personal development work that Maya did in the years leading up to meeting her partner has meant that:

  • She has a relationship that is better than she could have ever dreamed
  • They can communicate openly and without blame
  • She is open and able to fully receive him and allow him to take care of her
  • She has a friend to travel with and who wants to take her to all the parts of the world she desires to visit
  • She has a very masculine, strong man that is incredibly sensitive and loving
  • They have deep mutual respect and admiration


I was so inspired by Maya, and I trust you will be too!


Katie xx


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