Overcoming a ‘story’ of pain and moving toward joy, ease and love….

Today I am sharing another story from a recent coaching session with a client of mine which shares the importance of identifying the sabotaging stories we tell ourselves so that we can call in self-loving and empowering experiences.

We discovered that my client had an unconscious addiction to experiencing pain. It was like she couldn’t receive a joyful experience without it having a sting in its tail that would catch her unawares. Time and time again. 

She was exhausted, frustrated, financially struggling and feeling very very lonely, desiring deeply to call in a loving relationship. 

Her stories were keeping her stuck. Now that we have shone a light on them and opened her awareness to what else could be possible, her energy is shifting. This expansion will take her towards her desires rather than feeling perpetually road blocked and depleted. 

She can finally start to become the woman she is MEANT to be in this word rather than a puppet to her conditioning. She is an incredible woman with so much to offer and I am so excited to watch her blossom now….

I hope this story inspires you.


Katie xx

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