The stories we tell ourselves

Today I am sharing a story from a recent coaching session with a client of mine which demonstrates how when we shift a self-sabotaging story we shift our energy and can move from pain and fear into joy, creativity and abundance.

The stories we tell ourselves are creating either lack or abundance in our lives. They are creating vibrant energy or exhaustion. They are attracting what we want into our lives or what we don’t want. 

As this story relates specifically to a career shift, if you are in that space of wanting a change but don’t know what that is, there might be a little nugget of wisdom here for you that will help. 

If you feel stuck in any area of your life, there just might be a pearl of hope in this video for you too. That’s my hope.

Sending you much love and here’s to getting conscious to the stories you’re telling yourself!

Katie xx

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