This is THE key to manifesting

Would you like to know how to get the Universe on your side to manifest your dreams immediately and with ease!? This is the answer. And I don’t say that lightly! Enjoy. Love, Katie xx 👉 You are invited! 👉 Come join ‘Evolution Membership’ – your daily Self Love Club! First month is FREE!

Take Your Power Back

  Today I am inviting you to take your power back if you are feeling in any way powerless.   What can powerless look like? Let me count the ways….   Lacking direction Allowing others to impact how you feel Feeling taken advantage of or walked over or disregarded Caring what others think Feeling trapped

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Self Trust Is A Daily Creation

Today’s Self-Love & Success Ritual began with a reading from Alana Fairchild’s Wild Kuan Yin oracle deck and it was just perfect!! Here’s a snippet ….. “Your instincts and intuition are healing and growing stronger, perhaps after a time of shutting them down with fear, shame or excessive reliance on logic. You are learning how

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Tap To Release Low Feelings

Today’s Self-Love Ritual was so beautiful. Click here to watch the full video: We took time to fully acknowledge our tougher, lower feelings. We allowed ourselves to have a ‘pity party’ and we tapped (using Emotional Freedom Technique) to release and rise up. I invite you to take a couple of minutes to write down

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You Are A Natural Healer

I’m not sure I can remember everything that came through on today’s ‘Self Love Ritual’ episode! So many messages and wisdoms and synchronicities proving that life is always supporting you and desiring to co-create with you! Watch Here:  Today I invite you to tune in to how you are feeling and connect with what you

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It’s OK To Be Assertive

In today’s ‘Self Love Wisdom’ episode I am sharing my personal experiences this week of speaking my truth, saying what I think and asking for what I need. Watch Here: My examples aren’t ground breaking or life altering and yet I think that’s the power of today’s message. Often we can feel disempowered as a

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How To Feel Abundant

Please join me for today’s ritual to set you up for your week ahead. Watch Here: Today I’m emphasising the importance of reflection and gratitude so if you are fully focussed forward right now and feeling a tad overwhelmed or doubting yourself as a result, this conversation and practical exercise is for you. We do

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