What a joy it was to be with my community this-morning! Great way to start the day and the week.

This is a great ritual you can use any time so do start any day of your week with this recording>


We started by checking in with how we felt and did a big brain dump. That informed us with what was most weighing us down and we did some tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to release that weight – allowing us to reconnect to the truth that despite what we feel or the mean things we tell ourselves we can choose to completely love and accept ourselves. Then we tapped into how our best self would show up today and this week which was an empowering exercise. We concluded with a guided visualisation, connection with our spirit and securing our intentions for the day and week ahead.

Quite a lot in just 30 minutes!

Thank-you to those that were able to join live. Hope to see you again on Wednesday at noon for our live Q&A session!

Big love,


** Please do share with me in the comments below how you intend to show up for yourself this week **

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