Get Clarity On What You Want

Today I am talking about desire and the importance of getting clarity on what you want.

The practice of journalling your desires, vision boarding them and sharing them with trusted others is so important.

Too often women are in the habit of talking about what isn’t working out for them or what they don’t want to be experiencing any more. They are simply not in the habit of taking time to stop and tune in to their wants, needs and desires. 

The moon is currently full and so it’s a perfect time to connect with your heart and experience the fullness that acknowledging your desires can bring.

In today’s live I am also sharing the importance of acknowledging any discomfort that may well come up for you as you access your desires. It’s a thing! 

I’ll share a couple of my vision boards with you too!!

Here’s to you courageously acknowledging the whispers of your heart and soul. 


Katie xx

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