{LOVE NOTE} Stop Apologising For Who You Are!

Today I would like to invite you to stop apologising for who you are.

First of all, to apologise for you is incredibly disrespectful to the loving, generous, creative force that gifted you this incredible life. And it’s disrespectful to your Spirit – that part of you that chose to be here, in this form, as the woman that you are, specifically so that you could experience yourself, know yourself and evolve in a way that is just perfect for you.

Every single time you apologise for the truth of you, you are self harming. You are telling yourself that you are not enough and that’s spiritual sabotage. 

You kill a little piece of your soul every time you dumb yourself down, put yourself last, hide out, people please and play small.

Your Spirit – your very nature – is designed to be who it is and every minute of every day to become more and more of itself. It is designed to expand and become more, continuously. It is not designed to shrink, lessen or disappear.

Every single Spirit on this planet is required to show up fully so that our world may function optimally. If we all lead unapologetically, from our heart, as the full-on truth that we are are, the world would thrive in love. 

Sure there will be parts of you that you know need healing. Perhaps you have anger, jealousy, judgement, resentment or any number of personality traits or behavioural habits that you aren’t particularly proud of. With self-love, self-compassion and self-responsibility you can choose to do the transformational work to heal those pieces so that you can experience yourself as a more loving, healed and fulfilled woman. And, you can do that without apology. Infact, its even more powerful to OWN your ‘stuff’ when you commit to a personal journey of healing.

At my wedding recently, a very very dear friend made a speech about me. I have never heard a speech like it and to be honest, it was the kind of speech I think I’d expect to hear at my funeral! It was a beautiful reflection on me – who I am as a woman. He spoke about all parts of me and likened me to the seasons – hot, cold, warm, temperate.  He was honest about how I can be a little ‘tricky’ and emotional and edgy sometimes! And he spoke about how I always return to sunshine – that he know me as ‘sunshine’ and can trust that no matter how my mood alters I always return to that reliably loving, generous space. What was gorgeous about his speech was that he unconditionally loved me for all parts of me – that’s true friendship. 

As I have come to love all parts of me I have attracted in others who love all of me too – light and dark. 

One of my husband’s vows was, “I choose to marry you today because you make no apologies for being who you are”. When I heard him say that I felt so proud because that’s a piece I have learned to own and it has been the absolute making of me.

Once-upon-a-time, I didn’t own who I was. I didn’t even know who I was. Let alone love that woman.

The foundational requirement for your success in this world is to totally own who you are. 

The people that are meant to love you, will love the full-on truth of you – they don’t want a wishy-washy, half-hearted, apologetic version of you. The people that are meant to work with you, will want to work with the real, authentic you – that will fill them with confidence and trust in what you have to offer. 

Those that don’t like or want to be around the real you are simply not your people. And that’s ok. 

YOU – full-on, full-out, full-filled you is SO sexy. SO attractive. SO magnetic. You can’t help but attract the best life has to offer from that place!

Don’t waste your time trying to be all things for all people. It’s a no-win, catch-22, dead-end. And it’s exhausting. 

Use your precious energy to develop a relationship with yourself that’s SO crazy self-loving and self-honouring that you will effortlessly call in other people and life experiences that love you in the same way.

My journey home to me is what inspired me to found ‘The School of Self Love’ and I am so passionate to help you come home to yourself too. So, if you are ready to stop apologising for who you are, own who you are and claim a larger life, you may book a call with me to explore how we can help by CLICKING HERE.

With SO much love,

Katie xx

PS. If you are interested to explore how The School of Self Love can support your journey home to you, CLICK HERE. Let’s speak!

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