{LOVE NOTE} Feeling is the route to healing

I remember the first time I was invited to get REALLY ANGRY.

A big cushion was put in front of me and a baseball bat thrust into my hands.

I was taking part in The Hoffman Process and I was being given permission to fully express years of repressed dark emotions.

This was such a foreign concept to me that I felt major embarrassment, awkwardness and fear. There was NO WAY I was going to be able to do this.

We are not taught how to express our anger in a safe way – let alone have it be an acceptable thing to do.

We learn to be ashamed of our anger – we make ourselves bad or wrong for feeling it.

We also learn to cover up, brush over and smile. We are incredibly great at being ‘fine’. Until we’re not!

On that day something inside me said, “C’mon Katie, it’s now or never” and I properly went for it.

The tiger was released from her cage and she was feral! I will never forget the ferocity of the pain that was released that day. I bashed that cushion like a woman possessed. A noise escaped through my mouth that came from the deepest pit of my stomach – it was a wail that went on and on and on endlessly until I felt sick and sure that I would die. Surely I couldn’t survive this pain. Surely I would never emerge from this darkness.

The Rise Retreat

Bash by bash, tear by tear, scream by scream, I was unloading years of pent up grief, frustration and powerlessness.

Eventually the roar relaxed. My body released. I lay and sobbed with relief.

My hands were bleeding from the bashing.

My face was covered in tears and snot.

It was literally a blood, sweat and tears experience.


Emotions pass when we allow them. On the other side is our empowerment.

Since then I have experienced countless cathartic experiences similar to the one above. I’ve even trained to take women through similar work. Never again has it been quite that intense and yet each experience has been profound. A deeper connection with myself has resulted. A deeper self knowing and self trust. A wisdom is accessed and I feel empowered. It’s TOTALLY worth it.

And now I am fierce about inspiring other women to get down and dirty with the truth of how they feel because IT IS THE MAKING OF US.

It’s time to learn a new way of doing life that honours our truth and the best bit is that the people we love most no longer have to walk on egg shells around us because we are emotionally responsible – we know how to take care of ourselves first so they get the best of us.

NEVER underestimate the power of feeling. It’s a total game changer. And we will be diving DEEP into this area on The Rise Retreat – an immersive and transformational experience including powerful high end coaching, healing yoga and fun adventures. Max of 10 women only. 7 days : 25 Nov – 1 Dec.

Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2p2e7IH

Katie xx

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