{TRUE STORY} She said she couldn’t feel

I had a client once who was adamant that she couldn’t feel. She said it was like that gene was missing for her. She didn’t get angry. She never cried. She wasn’t particularly happy either. She felt frustratingly numb without any lust for life.

She also had some worrying health concerns.

And, her career as a lawyer had her working 12 – 16 hour days.

The Rise Retreat

Facts :

1. While she believed she couldn’t feel, it was her experience. We get what we believe.
2. She was numb because emotional repression = depression. We cannot selectively switch off emotions. When we ignore/repress/push down our ‘darker’ emotions we also miss out on experiencing our lighter ones – the longer we do that, the more numb and eventually the more depressed we become.
3. When we ignore the truth of how we feel, those emotions don’t just disappear because we chose not to feel them. They get blocked in our body, become stagnant and toxic, eventually becoming disease.

Her career was the perfect excuse not to have time to address how she felt – it was a coping mechanism to avoid having to feel because to feel can be scary when we have never been shown how to do it safely.

Her health was slowly deteriorating because her body was screaming to get her attention. It was a signpost that things had to change!

It was time to find her significance, love, acceptance and approval from within – not from her career.

It was time to drop the perfectionism and experience the self honouring of self honesty.

Through our transformational coaching and catharsis work (the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions) she was able to take a significant sabbatical (once deemed ‘impossible’) – she got well, found her joy, met a man (also once deemed ‘impossible’) and now has a beautiful baby. A new career with work/life balance is being carved too.

She was petrified of ‘going there’ with her feelings. With expert support, she discovered the healing power of feeling.

NEVER underestimate the power of feeling. It’s a total game changer. And we will be diving DEEP into this area on The Rise Retreat – an immersive and transformational experience including powerful high end coaching, healing yoga and fun adventures. Max of 10 women only. 7 days : 25 Nov – 1 Dec.

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