{LOVE NOTE} Why Choose Transformation?

I was recently interviewed by Rachel Burch on her PodCast, ‘The Transformation Maven’. Part of my daily practice is to listen to, watch or read something inspirational – something that reminds me why I am here (when I’m having an existential crisis!!), that picks me up if I feel low and that encourages me to play full-out and be the best version of myself.

I love to be reminded that we are ALL on a transformational journey – our human experience can be challenging and our Spiritual nature knows that experiencing the tough stuff and choosing to rise is an opportunity for us to evolve on a Spiritual level. It’s why we chose this earthly playground!

Today I would like to share this podcast with you so that you may listen to my interview – it’s about deep and lasting transformation and I hope it will inspire you on your own journey.

CLICK HERE > https://apple.co/2OGBylH > to access Part One of the Podcast. Part Two will be released on Tuesday….so look out for that and enjoy the fullness of the whole interview.

In Part One (Episode 10) I talk about self love, your victim mentality and your internal beliefs around your lovability (and that you are ENOUGH) so that you can heal and take your power back.

Happy listening!
Katie xx

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