Next Level Love Interview with Andrea Binks

Do you have a sense that the woman you are now is not the woman you once were?

Perhaps you are not the same woman that chose to marry that man.

Maybe you are no longer the same woman who embarked on your career.

Maybe your sexual preferences have altered somewhat with age.

Perhaps motherhood has changed you. No doubt life has changed you.

Do you know the woman you are now, and do you love that woman fiercely? So much so that you are able to attract in a man that can love you in the same way for all that you are and all that you are becoming (because we are always evolving and growing, right!?).

If you are ready to really know yourself and step into a relationship with someone that is willing to grow with you, then I think you will receive a lot from the interview I hosted with Andrea.

I made some notes for you too because these are nuggets, I don’t want you to miss.



Andrea met her husband and the father of her two children at the age of 18. They began a separation and then divorce in her late thirties – so they were a long time together making the end of that relationship an emotional and explosive experience for them both.

Andrea fell into victim mode and felt huge shame that her marriage had ended.

She never thought she would be happy again.

In recognition that she is not the same person now as she was when she met her husband (which was a huge contributing factor to the end of their marriage) and it was the divorce that forced her to get to know herself.



Personal therapy & counselling – self-reflection gave Andrea the opportunity to find herself again. Her self-worth now comes from within rather than needing the approval of others. She is also less likely to people please. She re-identified her boundaries and roles in life as well as discovered that she enjoys being alone.

Healing the victim – Andrea had to learn how to take responsibility for the part that she played in the breakdown of the marriage. Awareness and acceptance of her feelings around this was a hugely therapeutic process for her.

Support – Andrea believes in the importance of receiving the support of a coach or counsellor so that you can talk through and move through your problems. This professional support provides a less judgemental and more expert level of support than perhaps friends can provide. It’s also a chance to properly feel and release your emotions.

Dating – meeting guys and allowing her ‘inner goddess’ to be fully expressed was an empowering part of Andrea’s journey home to herself. The attention, fun and distraction of dating was an important part of her healing process.



Andrea wrote down all the things she wanted in a partner in her journal and added a pic of an actor she fancied. As she casually swiped her dating app, she was astounded to be matched with a man that looked just like the guy she pasted into her diary!

Andrea had a very relaxed relationship with online dating so when she texted her initial introductory message it simply read, “Hey!”.

No strategy. No bells and whistles. Just, ‘hey’!

His response was equally simple and intuitively Andrea suggested they jump off the app and she shared her number with him.

“I felt drawn to him”, said Andrea about their first coffee date.

They had an immediate inner connection and still do.



When I asked Andrea how her new relationship felt different to her marriage she said, “I feel more like me!”. She added that she is now also:

– more assertive.

– enjoys being on her own which has enabled her to set up living arrangements with her new partner that gives her plenty of time to herself and with her boys.

– able to be more fully emotionally available to her children.

– more comfortable in her own skin and able to rely on herself because her self-worth has increased.

– embraces self-love!


As a result, her relationship is:

– super aligned with a shared outlook on life.

– very honest and committed.

– incredibly supportive and encouraging.

– full of great sex!


I was so inspired by Andrea, and I trust you will be too!


Katie xx


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