Next Level Love Interview with Samantha Francis

I wonder if you have noticed that there are some patterns running in your life with regard to the types of relationships and people you are drawn to and are attracting in? I wonder if those patterns feel far from empowered and healthy?

That was the case for Sam. She had attracted in some ‘bad people’ (to use her language) and as a result experienced domestic abuse, violence and trauma which also impacted her young children.

Sam’s story is incredibly inspiring because she models so powerfully that it IS possible to change your patterns, build self-esteem, heal from trauma and be an incredible role model to your children.

When you take full responsibility for your energy, you can create anything you desire in your life, including soul mate love.

I made some notes for you from today’s conversation because these are nuggets, I don’t want you to miss.



Sam had two significant relationships with wounded men and had a child from each.

The first was a six-year relationship from the age of sixteen which went on to include five years in criminal and family court. During the court proceedings she met her ‘knight in shining armour’ whom she believed had arrived to support her while she was so wounded.

What transpired was an opportunity to learn that wounded people attract wounded people and hurt people, hurt people.

When her second relationship ended, she had a break-down and lost everything.

It was time to make some big changes – to be the mother and role model she desired to be to her children and to come home to herself.

Sam committed to her recovery.

“I was taking responsibility for my energy and my availability for those kind of relationships without taking responsibility for their actions, I was solely taking responsibility for my participation”, said Sam.



Inner work – choosing to ‘face her own self’ and change up her patterns around relationship, healing her pieces around ‘loss’, energy healing including Reiki and masculine / feminine energy dynamics.

Taking responsibility – for her energy, her beliefs and her mistakes. In Sam’s words, “When we avoid the relationship with ourselves we are the vibrational match for someone who will avoid a relationship with us.”

Emotional awareness & expression – allowing the tears, the grief and the pain. Checking in with how she was feeling and how that was determining how she was showing up in the world.

Ask for help – from the practical help of asking her Mum to have the children to the spiritual act of calling on her higher self for guidance on the inner work.



Sam adamantly believed that online dating was a waste of time and that dating apps attracted ‘freaks and weirdos! But her friends and family kept asking her if she would consider giving it a go and she believes that when life keeps offering your something, you have to pay attention.

So, she tried Tinder! Her intention was to prove that online dating didn’t work and attracted low level people! She was also curious….

One day she matched with someone that she didn’t recognise – because her daughter had swiped him!

You’ll have to watch the interview to hear how the first date went however despite it being far from romantic (a Starbucks inside a Sainsburys supermarket!) and started with Sam arriving very very late, it flowed naturally and four years later they are happily still together.



Sam called in a man that was on a ‘list’ she wrote some years ago. He ticked every box – from not having children to how he looked to being ex-army to the way he is with her children and how he treats her and makes her feel.

When she wrote that list, she didn’t believe it was possible to call in a man like that.

She focussed on her inner work, forgot the ‘list’ and allowed him to arrive.

She is now in a relationship that is consistently growing in a positive way with a partner who allows her to continue her healing journey and be who she is. He knows her so well, is her best friend and holds a safe container for her.


I was so inspired by Sam, and I trust you will be too!



Katie xx


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