Next Level Love Interview with April Blanchard

Having inspiring role models is really helpful when we are on an empowerment journey and today I have just that role model for you!

Meet April! The way she approached the recovery from her divorce and stepping into the dating game with curiosity, fun, non-attachment, and a newfound desire to put herself first is such an inspiring story.

I made some notes for you too because these are nuggets, I don’t want you to miss.



April wasn’t looking for ‘something better’, she was ready to meet the man that matched the woman she was now – because she had changed.

She had been in a relationship for 28 years. They met when she was 19 and were married until April was 49. They amicably decided that their relationship was over, and I just love how April is able to speak with such warmth and respect for her ex-husband who is now her friend and co-parent.

While their divorce was amicable there was still a lot of pain – after-all they entered marriage thinking it would last forever and had two amazing children together. April began a journey of fully grieving her loss and did a deep dive into personal development.



Inner work – April embarked on a year long personal development course which focussed on all aspects of her life.  She became her priority as she did a deep-dive into herself – fully claiming herself and no longer just being a mother or wife.

Taking responsibility – April owned where she had failed in her marriage and embraced her responsibility for that which was a very empowering journey.

Fun – April chose to date from a place of non-attachment and a desire for different experiences. She adopted a ‘circular dating’ strategy (where you date several guys at once without getting intimate and when you are ready to be intimate with one, you let go of the others) which really took the pressure off and allowed her to enjoy the process.

Gifts – April approached dating as a way of discovering herself. Every man she dated showed her something new about herself from boundaries to values to knowing and communicating her truth. Each man was a gift of growth and transformation.

Clarity of intention – April was intentional about who she was calling in. For example, they needed to be ‘clean and clear’ from any previous relationships, to not have young children, to be up for having fun and to not be attached to getting married.

Empowered feminine dating – April only dated when it felt good for her. She trusted her intuition and allowed the dating to be fun and easy.

Learning to surrender – April had to drop her barriers – her shell to allowing a man in to take care of her. Traditionally she wasn’t very good at that – she is a super independent woman and had to learn that it was ok to surrender and be cared for.



April really enjoyed Bumble as a dating platform, especially as it was so female focussed.

Their first date found them swinging on swings which was part of an art installation at the Tate Modern. They played in an art gallery and for April this was a perfect first date!

Four months into their love affair, her partner was diagnosed with cancer. This took their relationship very quickly to the next level.

“Everything else broke down and broke away other than ‘us’ and getting through this experience”, said April.

“We feel like we were sent to each other.”

Indeed, they were.



April proves that when you activate your empowered feminine, you are a vibrational match to the empowered masculine. She called in a guy who:

* Feels solid

* Recognises her communication challenges and is prepared to be there for her and work through them with her

* Takes care of her

* Has the capacity for her emotions

* Allows her to be imperfect and vice versa

Together they are discovering that life is for living and every day is a gift.

“I am the love I am bringing to the relationship, and he is the love he is bringing to the relationship. Love isn’t something that I suck out of him, and he sucks out of me”, says April.

“Love is a choice. He chooses me. We each choose ourselves.”


I was so inspired by April, and I trust you will be too!


Katie xx

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