Next Level Love Interview with Maryon Stewart

When we dare to put our stake in the ground and declare what we want, we are heard. The Universe has eyes and ears!

A powerful way to state our intentions is to create a vision board. My vision boards have been an incredibly powerful tool to call in all sorts of miracles (including my man) and my ‘Next Level Love’ interview guest, Maryon Stewart, shared with me how her vision boards created ‘unthinkable’ miracles.

I am so glad to share Maryon’s interview with you today. Listening to her story is like watching an on-the-edge-of-your-seat Hollywood film! You’re going to be captivated!

I made some notes for you too because these are nuggets, I don’t want you to miss.



Maryon was happily married for 24 years with 4 children. As is so common in mid-life, Maryon and her husband realised they were no longer on the same journey and separated amicably.

Health challenges moved Maryon to learn a method of self-healing through art therapy. She experienced a medical miracle which meant she avoided having major surgery. This miraculous experience had Maryon return to the coach that taught her how to self-heal where she learned how to manifest through visioning and create vision boards.

Her first vision board had her experience miracle after miracle. She manifested the sale of a business she no longer wanted, a gorgeous dream home, incredible support and a new school for her son, a dog and more. You’ll have to watch the video to hear the story. It’s jaw-dropping!

She was understandably ‘sold’ on the power of visioning.

Next, she wanted to meet a man that was her true-life match. She was ready!!



Dare to dream – in Maryon’s words, “If you don’t know your destination, how do you know when you’ve arrived?”. You must connect to your desires and what you want so the Universe can deliver what your heart desires.

Keep the faith – Maryon would look up at the stars in the sky, knowing that he was seeing the same stars. “I just knew he was out there”, she said. She also knew he wasn’t in the same country!

Divine timing – Maryon went on 100 first dates so persistence and trust in divine timing was key. Trusting also that your route to receiving what you desire may take unusual and unexpected twists and turns, and it may take longer than you hope – but it will be worth it!

Mindset – your vision will bring up the voices of doubt and it’s your work to overcome those fears and move forward. Sometimes you’ll get rejected and disheartened. Allow the pity party, be kind to yourself and then move on!

Hold the vision – allow yourself to ‘step into’ your vision every day so that it feels like your reality. When Maryon finally met her man, she literally had to pinch herself regularly because she wasn’t sure if her life was real or if she was still visioning it!



You’ll have to watch the video to hear the full and dramatic story of how Maryon met her man. There were so many twists and turns! One guy led to another guy which led to a trip to Israel which led to another guy which led to meeting some famous people at a London networking party which lead to a trip to Florida and then, finally, she met her guy.

Every single step of the way the Universe was guiding her to him.

They met for the first time in the lobby of a hotel on New Year’s Eve. So romantic! As Maryon entered the reception area she saw a dark-haired man in the distance with his back to her wearing white shirt and black trousers. She knew instantly it was him.

She said she was shaking and felt almost hysterical because she ‘knew’ he was ‘the one’. She didn’t usually like men touching her on a first date, but he took her hand instantly and they walked out of the hotel together, hand-in-hand, feeling that they’d known each-other forever.



Maryon has been with her man for 8.5 years and they’ve been married for 5. They live in a stunning apartment on the beach in Florida – Maryon always knew she wasn’t meant to live in the UK!

The powerful visioning work she committed to every single day has her in a relationship where:

* He tells her he loves her every day

* They never fight

* He buys her flowers every week

* They are both focussed on all the positives and pinch themselves regularly because they can’t believe how lucky they are!


I was so inspired by Maryon and I trust you will be too!


Katie xx


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