Next Level Love Interview with Jeanne Andrus

I know that believing it’s possible to call in love a little later in life can feel impossible which is why I am super passionate about sharing my story and the stories of other women who found love when they thought they’d had their chance and missed out.

I am also passionate about supporting women who are moving through all the hormonal shifts of mid-life and navigating that while dating and being in a relationship – ‘cause sometimes that doesn’t feel easy and it doesn’t look that pretty!!

And so, it was a privilege to interview author and coach, Jeanne Andrus, on how she called in love at 49 and married at 65.

I made some notes for you from Jeanne’s story too because these are nuggets, I don’t want you to miss.



After the end of her marriage at the age of 48, Jeanne dropped into a depression and leaned heavily on food and alcohol to avoid having to feel her grief. She hadn’t expected her marriage to end, and it coincided with physical and emotional shifts of perimenopause that she didn’t understand, and which took her completely by surprise.

After a week of soul searching, she decided she would not end her life as a 300-pound woman that sat in the house wearing a muumuu.

She committed to getting healthy and happy which in a nutshell, looked like:



Get healthy! Eating right, getting active and prioritising her body!  

Get happy! Jeanne’s focus was on feeling good about who she was and falling in love with herself so that she could be the person that could be in love with someone else.

Activating the feminine energy. For Jeanne this looked like allowing someone else to take care of her, to open her heart and receive support instead of doing ‘it all’. 

Healing the inner child. As an adopted person, Jeanne turned a life-long fear of rejection around through deep self-love.

Redefining relationships. Learning your attachment style and finding new, healthy ways to create friendship, safety and support inside a relationship.

Feeling good became her new focus! Jeanne received a sense of accomplishment from taking up new and different adventure sports which had her choose to put herself first, without guilt.



Jeanne took up white water kayaking and met her man on the river!

She described him as ‘the last 56-year-old bachelor’ with a strong sense of self and he got her interest because he was so attentive to her safety and wellbeing as she started out on her adventure sport journey.

It was their experience of Hurricane Katrina that really brought them together as they both realised it was safe to rely on each other though that devastating time.




The personal development work that Jeanne did before meeting her partner has meant that:

  • She is committed to the relationship and has called in a man who is equally committed for the long haul
  • She is now fully available to learn, heal and grow with her man, together
  • She has the stamina to get through life’s discomforts and curve balls, together with her man
  • She could co-write a book with her husband!


I was so inspired by Jeanne, and I trust you will be too!


Katie xx


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