Next Level Love Interview with Tiffany Harnsongkram

Do you believe that life’s toughest, most painful curve balls are a sign that a big personal up-level is just around the corner? Can you reflect back on aspects of your life and see the difficult experiences as gifts, offering you a chance to evolve on some level?

I have come to know that life is always supporting us. Even when it doesn’t feel like it. Especially when it doesn’t feel like it! As a soul having a human experience, we are always being invited to heal anything that doesn’t serve us or to use the tough stuff as an awakening or a remembering of who we truly are.

Life’s curve balls can remind us just how powerful we are.

Relationships tend to be an area where we can painfully lose ourselves and proudly find ourselves again. They offer immense spiritual and personal growth if we are up for it!

This was Tiffany’s experience, and I am so glad to share our ‘Next Level Love’ interview with you.

I made some notes for you too because these are nuggets, I don’t want you to miss.



Tiffany entered her first marriage at 24 as a deeply religious woman with very narrow and restrictive beliefs around what a marriage ‘should’ look like. She tried to be the perfect wife and mother but was dying inside.

She lost her sense of self, felt demeaned, experienced financial abuse and through adhering to ‘traditional’ gender roles found herself playing smaller and smaller until she realised she didn’t want to model that to her children.

She decided to end her co-dependent and narcissistic relationship which kick-started a high conflict divorce that is still, 9 years on, not quite complete.

Tiffany knew what she didn’t want in her next relationship but was unclear on what she did want because she had spent so little time in connection with herself and her truth.

Mostly, she didn’t even believe something else was possible for her.

She was drawn to deep inner work to discover herself love and self-worth which moved her into a place of believing that she could experience a next level love.



Embrace living consciously – Tiffany believes we are here to discover, experience, learn and grow. We are called to ask questions and seek new answers all the time. In Tiffany’s words, her marriage and divorce were, “The worst but the best thing that ever happened to me”.

Commit to self-sovereignty – Tiffany’s self-love and self-worth journey had her re-build and replenish her identity which meant she no longer compromised herself.

Speak your truth – learn to ask for what you want and say what you mean clearly, unapologetically, and authentically.

Overcome co-dependency – a process of spiritual, mental and emotional maturation.

Get intentional – through a process of re-defining herself and what an intimate relationship meant to her, Tiffany set a powerful intention to call in an egalitarian relationship.



Tiffany changed her Facebook status and a friend she had known since childhood reached out to offer his support. He wanted to be there for her. Turned out, he was her one!

She had a lot of healing left to do and he offered a safe and supportive space in which to heal, learn her boundaries, experiment with speaking her truth and asking for her needs to be met. As much as Tiffany was healing on her own, this new relationship offered her an incredibly safe place to practice being in a relationship in a very new and empowering way.



Tiffany has never believed that love is a difficult thing to find. Her fundamental core belief has always been that ‘love is abundant and around every corner’ and that belief had her call in a man that became a huge part of her healing journey.

The personal development work that Tiffany did combined with the healing she did with her partner has meant that:

– There is a mutual trust that they want the best for each-other

– They have a healthy independence of each-other – it doesn’t ‘mean’ anything if they want to do different things

– They have an equal partnership

– They experience the bliss of duality – having everything we need within ourselves while also having a partner that adds to your life and enables continued growth and evolution

– They experience deep comfort together – in Tiffany’s words, “like putting on a favourite pair of jeans!”


I was so inspired by Tiffany, and I trust you will be too!

Love, Katie xx


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