How to build self confidence, independent and a sense of strength if you’ve been in the habit of relying on your man for too much.

I’m all for the masculine / feminine dance in relationship – for a woman asking for what she needs and allowing her man to support her with that. It’s beautiful to have that relationship. 

And, while I see a predominance in women not allowing a man to help her or trusting him to support her in the way she needs, I also see women feeling like she has lost a sense of her own strength, independence and confidence because she’s fallen into a habit of leaning on her man for too much.

If this sounds like you, perhaps ask yourself :

  1. Do you trust your own inner masculine to get things done?  Do you trust yourself and your ability?!
  2. Have you learned that women don’t know how to do certain jobs? Have you fallen victim to your conditioning and programming?
  3. Are you avoiding learning something new or figuring something out? Have you put it in the too hard basket?

The victim archetype oscillates between feeling entitled (He should do it) and feeling resigned (I can’t do it). 

The empowered woman takes time to look at all the areas of her life and where she is giving her power away. She notices when the victim is in control and lovingly takes steps to empower herself. When she does, it’s a win:win for her AND her man! 

I invite you to ask yourself:

  1. What could I take ownership of in my life to start to build my self trust and self confidence?
  2. What small step could I start with today? 
  3. Where do I desire support? (So you are in choice and not disempowered victim.)

Remember, self love is self responsibility so if you are feeling slightly resigned in your relationship and losing your confidence and sense of independence as a result, I invite you to check in with yourself by asking yourself the above questions and remember that you always have a choice in all things.



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