How to quit burn-out, build self-trust and feel at home in your body

On Monday I started working with a new group of 5 incredible women in a super deep dive mastermind called, ‘Daring & Mighty Love’. 

On our first call I was asked some absolutely brilliant questions and I thought to share one of those with you today along with my answer. 

“Katie, I want to really receive this work and this experience. My usual approach to everything I do is to go at it full steam ahead, tick the boxes, get it done, go above and beyond and do an excellent job – but I finish feeling exhausted and like I’ve missed the ‘experience’ because I was so focussed on getting it done”.

The women in the group resonated with this. One even shared that she approached her yoga, running and meditation with an energy of, ‘I must get this done then I can tick ‘self-care’ off my list!’ and she was wondering why, despite her self nurturing practicing, she still felt so exhausted. 

What these women are experiencing is the habit of their disempowered masculine running the show and their desire is to step into their empowered feminine and invite their inner empowered masculine to support their needs. 

Whether its your job, housework, a new coaching programme or even a new exercise regime, I invite you to explore: 

  1. How do you desire to feel instead?
  2. Allow your masculine to create a container of space for you – block time in your diary for specific activities so that they feature in a way that feels manageable and good for you.
  3. Allow your feminine to be in charge of that space – she has permission to move it up or down or off the schedule, she is in charge of the location and the aesthetics and experience inside the space.
  4. Choose to be in a state of presence by engaging all of your senses when you dive into a task. Notice how you are feeling and course correct if required so that you are honouring point 1 above. 

The video explains and elaborates on the points above so if this is resonating with you, please watch it. 

I trust this will serve you today.

Here’s to quitting burn-out, beginning to trust yourself and feeling nurtured, safe and ‘at home’ inside your body!


Katie xx

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